The Benefits of Outfield Fence

Outfield fencing is used for a variety of applications. Baseball, softball, and little league fields across the world use baseball outfield fence as a safety barrier and home run marker. But outfield fence isn't just for sports! The mesh used for outfield fences has been utilized as construction fence, cemetery fence, crime scene cleanup fence, barrier fence, deer fence, and so forth. The variety of colors and sizes available makes outfield fence a unique alternative to the popular orange-colored safety fence.

Outfield fence can be used as a protective barrier between dangerous areas and people, pets, and other animals. Heavy-duty outfield fencing can be a great deer fence, preventing hundreds of deer from entering busy streets. Construction fencing keeps passerby clear of pot holes, manholes, and other restricted areas. Outfield fencing mesh is often composed of small mesh sizes, making it an ideal safety fence.

Portable and temporary outfield fence is unique in that it can be easily installed, uninstalled, and stored. A great seasonal fence, it allows you to clear your field when mowing grass or getting ready for the snowy season. Most portable fence is soft and flexible, providing a cushiony surface free from sharp chain link mesh. The portability allows it to be a temporary crowd control fence for concerts, fairs, or sporting events.

Grand Slam portable fencing is a great solution for all of the above. Available in softball, little league, or baseball kits, it gives you everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind diamond in your own backyard. Grand Slam fence is also available in individual fence rolls, giving you a flexible mesh that can be used at construction sites, cemeteries, animal containment areas, concerts and more.


Grand Slam Fencing fence roll

Grand Slam Fencing individual fence roll.