Custom Digital Imaging

TuffPrint products will last, and make a lasting impression! Give your gyms, fields and budgets a boost! For that finishing touch, the TuffPrint process adds lettering or logos to many CoverSports products. It is an attractive and affordable way to promote your team's spirit or a sponsor's name to raise funds. TuffPrint allows for printing colors of all spectrums from simple one-color lettering to intricate images of multiple colors and shading and sizes of all scales from a small banner, to a fully padded gym wall, to large stadium wraps. With all machinery and printers on site, we are able to pay careful attention to each step of the printing and manufacturing process.


  • Ultra-durable imaging using premium ink
  • Unlimited color selection and gradient shading
  • Best pricing in the industry. All printing done in-house.
  • Proofs sent for approval prior to printing


We at Baseball Fence Store are excited to bring you this top-notch printing at an affordable price. For more information on custom logos and text on the products you see on this site, please contact us today!

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TuffPrint Digital Imaging