Baseball Outfield Fencing Calculator

To find the amount of Grand Slam Fence you need for your baseball, little league, or softball field, measure the distance (Footage) from the Home Plate to one of the Foul Poles. If you do not have foul poles, measure the distance (Footage) from the Home Plate to wherever you would like your outfield fence to start.

Enter this distance into the Grand Slam Fence Calculator. The result will be the amount of fencing you need, measured in ft. Round up or down to the nearest Grand Slam Fence size.

Length Of Fence Needed

Grand Slam Fence Calculator Diagram

*To find the length of fencing you will need yourself, simply multiply the distance (Footage) from Home Plate to Foul Pole by 1.57.*

*Home Plate to Foul Pole Distance X 1.57 = Grand Slam Fence length you need*