How to Maintain A Long Jump Pit

Weatherizing for sports is an important task for anyone who doesn't want to deal with yearly maintenance when the season rolls around. Whether you are the groundskeeper, the athletic director, the coach, or the athlete, you will want to know how to preserve your sports equipment for the best value and performance. Long jump is a niche event in the sport of track and field, and proper care for the runway and pit must be taken for the sake of your budget and the athlete. Let's explore how to maintain the sand pit in the off-season and, really, all year round.

Maintaining A Long Jump Pit

With the long jump pit already existing, there is very little you will need to do in terms of maintenance. You will need to replace the displaced sand as needed to provide ample cushioning for the athletes and remove any weeds and debris from the sand. During the off-season, the easiest solution is to place a long jump cover over the pit. This is a weighted, weather-proof tarp that will protect the pit from debris entering. Whether the debris is swept in from the wind or comes from foot traffic, the long jump pit will be protected, ultimately protecting the athletes. Another benefit of a long jump pit cover is it preserves the sand's softness for years, limiting the maintenance of the sand each year.

FieldSaver Weighted Long Jump Pit Cover

These weighted long jump pit covers come in a variety of colors and sizes and are offered in 18 oz solid vinyl or ArmorMesh. The 18 oz solid vinyl covers are offered in 14 colors, and the ArmorMesh covers are available in 13 colors, so you are sure to match your school or facilities' colors. These can also be customized for the size you need. The 18 oz solid vinyl will prevent debris and water from reaching the sand, while the ArmorMesh only prevents debris from reaching the sand. Neither requires sandbags, stakes, or ties to keep it in place; one cover and done.

Long Jump Pit Cover

Other Applications

FieldSaver weighted long jump pit covers can actually be used for more than just long jump pits. Protect the long jump runway, high jump mats, shot put and discus rings, and countless other small sporting facility areas with these weighted, weather-proof tarps. Simply measure the perimeter of the pit, mat, ring, etc., and add 2 inches to the width for extended protection. Please also consider FieldSaver Track Protectors, used to protect the track's surface when not in use for track running events.

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