How to Use A Field Rain Cover

Do you need to protect your sports fields from rain and debris? Protect any sports facility field with FieldSaver rain covers. These protective tarps cover the field, keeping it dry, clean, and ready for use. The cover is made of reinforced PVC and polyethylene fabrics, which are durable, waterproof, and rot-resistant. These heavy-duty rain covers do not always mean handling is easy or that the cover will stay in place. No need to worry; careful consideration went into the design for your convenience.

Rain Cover Superior Handling

Infield Rain Covers, used for baseball and softball, have been designed with EZ-Grip handles and grommets so that a crew can easily hold and pull the rain cover into place or remove it as needed. Stadium field rain covers, used for football, lacrosse, and soccer fields, will have web or special handholds. The handles are placed every 10 to 12 feet, allowing easy handling and smooth movement of the cover as it is laid out or folded and rolled.

How to Store Field Rain Cover

We recommend utilizing rain roll rollers to store your infield or stadium field rain covers. These rollers have a diameter of 28" and are made of heavy-duty double-walled corrugated HDPE. Fold the rain cover to the corresponding roller length and roll the cover onto the roller. You can then stack or stand the rollers for easy, compact storage. These rollers can then be placed on the field to unroll the rain cover easily when needed. Also available are roller covers for outside storage.

How to Keep Field Rain Cover in Place

Once the rain cover has been laid over the field, you can secure the cover to the field using sandbags or stakes placed through the brass grommets. *Note: not all rain covers include stakes and/or sandbags. For stadium field rain covers, you will also want to join the covers together with the Velcro.

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If you have further questions about Infield or Stadium Field Rain Covers, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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