Removable and Portable Inground Baseball Outfield Fencing

Above Ground Fence

Whether it is a high school baseball scrimmage or a youth little league game, assemble a functional baseball outfield fence with little to no effort. Made from durable and lightweight plastic mesh with furniture-grade PVC poles, our In-Ground Grand Slam Fence series was designed to make setting up a baseball field a simple process, no matter where you are.

How To Install In-Ground Grand Slam Fence

To install, slip the PVC poles through the loops woven into the mesh, then attach the yellow safety line of the fabric to the upper clip of the pole.

Once the mesh has been securely attached to the pole, you can begin marking and drilling the holes needed to place the poles. After that, your poles can be inserted into the holes you have drilled, and you are ready to play ball.

When the game is over, merely remove the poles from the ground and roll up the fence for the next time you need it.

Its lightweight and flexible fabric makes storing in any garage, basement, shed, or vehicle easy. Offered in a range of different lengths as well as colors, you can choose the best fence that fits your baseball or softball needs.

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