What Is A Baseball Field Skin Tarp?

There are various types of coverage for baseball, softball, and other sports fields and facilities. From base covers, mound covers, and entire field coverage, you may want to cover various parts of the baseball field. Perhaps the most important part of the field to cover is the dirt or clay dirt path players run along from base to base.

The term skin refers to the dirt areas of the baseball field because if a player falls, dives, or slides on the dirt, their skin is likely to get torn up. The dirt is used on the baselines to provide traction for players as they sprint from base to base. Skin tarps are used to cover the bases, pitcher’s mound, and baselines during inclement weather to prevent the dirt areas from being more dangerous than they may already seem to be.

Skin tarps are designed to manage the baseline moisture for players' safety. They are also designed for convenience and ease; they have handles for easy carrying and handling. Made with reinforced poly fabric, these tarps are weather and tear-resistant and are available in select colors.

Pair these with infield rollers for quick and easy installation and storage. Use sandbags or stake through the handles to secure it to the field.

Infield Skin / Baseline Tarps

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