What Is The Difference Between Yellow and Black Poly Cap?

Baseball Fence Topper Poly Yellow

Have you seen black and yellow poly caps on a baseball field and wondered why different colors were used? Most of the time, yellow poly cap fence toppers are used on the outfield. On the other hand, black poly cap fence toppers are used for the area after the foul line. There are some benefits to both types.

Yellow Poly Cap Baseball Fence Toppers Are More UV Resistant

Since black is a darker color, it may be more susceptible to sun damage even with UV inhibitors than the lighter yellow fence topper. This may be a deciding factor if you are on a budget and want your poly cap fence toppers to last longer.

Similarities Between Yellow and Black Poly Cap Toppers

These toppers add safety to a chain link fence, are manufactured with a thick wall, and are weather-treated. They have a 3-year warranty and best of all, when you are done using them, they can be recycled. The best way to install a poly cap chain link fence topper is by using a Baseball Fence Poly Cap Installation Tool. This tool makes it easy to install your toppers. This tool can cut installation time by up to 75%.

Best Poly Cap Fence Toppers For Your Chain Link Fence

The best poly cap fence toppers for your baseball field are made from 100% high-density polyethylene and can withstand 20% deflection without cracks or splits. Plus, you'll want to ensure they are lightweight and easy to install. We have several options for baseball fence toppers made from high-quality materials:

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