Baseball Field and Fence Protection

There are many different types of baseball and softball field products available. Knowing each one and its uses will help anyone determining what product is necessary and which one will take their field to the next level. Each baseball field product has different advantages for a variety of applications. BaseballFenceStore offers high-quality products that make any field look like the big league.

Baseball Products

  • Field & Turf Covers:

    Field covers provide the best protection against natural elements and heavy foot traffic. There are different materials that make up field and turf protectors. Some materials like polyethylene and vinyl provide protection from rain and snow. Materials like vinyl-coated polyester mesh protect against heavy foot traffic from baseball cleats and concentrated ball force. The mesh is perfect for protection during practice. The vinyl and poly materials are best used when rain or snow protection is needed. The covers come in varying shapes and sizes depending on the field size. Spot Rain Covers only cover the bases and pitcher's mound. Infield Rain Covers offer protection for the entire infield area. Mesh Infield Protectors cover the area around the home plate and the start of the baselines. All of these covers can be used for other applications besides baseball and softball. Many people choose to use these for sideline protection for football fields, ceremonies, concerts, and other events.

  • Fence Toppers:

    provide the protection needed for the tops of chain link fences. They serve as a visual warning to anyone approaching the fence to prevent injury. The chain link fence topper is available in corrugated polyethylene plastic and polyethylene foam padding. The corrugated plastic fence topper is available in black or yellow and comes pre-slit for easy installation. Ties are recommended every three feet for maximum stability. Installation is quick and easy. The plastic fence topper is weatherproof and UV resistant for year-round outdoor installation. The foam padding fence topper comes in two different types; Premium or Standard. The premium fence topper comes in eight different color options with an outer layer of protective coating. This extra coating provides waterproofness and UV resistance. The premium chain link fence topper is 3/4" thick. The standard foam topper is 2" thick and is available in yellow. Both foam options come pre-slit and have a quick and simple installation process.

  • Windscreens:

    Windscreens for chain link fences offer protection from the wind and privacy. They come in various materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and vinyl. The ArmorMesh is going to provide the highest wind protection due to its high-strength construction and heat-sealed hem. The windscreens come in up to 15 different color options. Each fence windscreen comes with pre-installed grommets every 18" for easy installation. It is sold by square foot. The chain link fence windscreen can be used on baseball fields, softball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, and many more sports stadiums.

  • Goal Post Padding:

    Goal post padding is a must for any football field. It provides the safe protection needed from people running into the goalpost. The padding comes in 14 different color options to match the school or team colors. It is constructed of 4" Soft IFD 50 foam. The goal post padding comes in a standard 6' high and can accommodate a post width from 4.5" - 6". Installation is as easy as attaching the Velcro ends or by using the pre-installed grommets.

  • Backstop Padding:

    Backstop padding gives the protection needed for the fence behind the home plate. It helps reduce the bounce-back of balls and protects the batter and catcher. They come in varying sizes, and installation is simple. Pre-installed brass grommets are every 12," and there is 2" Velcro for combining padding for longer lengths. The backstop fence padding comes in 14 different color options to match any team color. It is constructed of 2" Soft IFD 100 foam.

  • Fence Padding:

    Fence padding not only gives a sharp look to any baseball stadium but also gives maximum protection for players. Thickness can come in 2", 3", and 4" options. The height of the fence padding can go up to 12' tall and come in at 14 different color choices. All of the stadium padding comes with a manufacturer's 1-year warranty.

  • Temporary Fence:

    A temporary or portable baseball fence is an excellent option when providing a temporary baseball or softball diamond. The portable fence can also be used in various other applications such as concerts, ceremonies, or any other event where crowd control is needed. The temporary outfield fence comes in 3 colors and has options to have the pole spacing either 5' or 10'. The 5' spacing will give the most stability and reduce fence sag. If needing to construct a temporary home run fence, it is crucial to know the correct length needed. Our Grand Slam Fencing Calculator is a handy resource on getting the exact length of outfield fence needed. The outfield fence can be used In-Ground or Above-Ground. Set up is quick and easy and can be used many times.

Knowing which product and what material may seem daunting, but we are here to help. We offer kits for many of our baseball and softball field products. Call one of our representatives if you have any questions or would like to place an order. We are here to help!

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